The Noom App is a smartphone application designed to track the calorie density of the foods you consume daily. This article evaluates the benefits of Noom as a dietary regime.

The Psychology of Losing Weight

Psychology of Losing Weight

When it comes to developing the habits that are needed for a lifestyle change, reframing thoughts for any given task allows for easier absorption of what needs to be done, as well as a greater ability to make those tasks habitual.

With the right mindset, embracing change will spur the progress of adopting a healthy new lifestyle. No matter how daunting a task might appear having a clear plan can lead to reaching your desired goal.

Each of us has the power, within ourselves, to develop our best selves.

The Power of the Mind

Power of the Mind

If you’re looking to lose weight, one of the most important steps is developing a mindset of healthy habits. Small measures and changes over time, such as tracking your meals and portions, understanding the different food groups and their nutritional value, engaging in physical activity five times per week, and getting adequate rest all play a role in achieving your healthy lifestyle goals.

To be successful in losing weight, you must make the lifestyle change happen, from within, by embracing a healthy frame of mind that will optimise your success.

Noom Diet

While Noom is not just a weight loss app. It is a mindset app, that encourages the food tracking of calorie-dense foods to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Getting Started with Noom

Noom is here for your weight-loss journey, and the Noom Diet Plan can give you personalized advice on how to reach your goal. To get started, new users need to invest a few minutes into the Noom app from the outset: You’ll enter your current weight and goal weight, which Noom will use to calculate an ideal daily calorie budget tailored to your needs. The app provides comprehensive instructions, so it’d be a breeze–but don’t forget to set aside time every day at first!


Weight loss programs like Noom are like any other weight loss plan, they create a calorie deficit so that people can lose weight. However, what sets it apart is its use of technology to provide users with a comprehensive system that helps them learn and develop healthy eating habits.

Along with articles and tips tailored to the user’s diet, this weight management program provides a personalized health coach who can be contacted on the mobile app. This encourages accountability and provides support when navigating the weight loss voyage. So if you’re looking for an effective weight loss program, Noom could be just the thing!

Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer

At Noom, we believe food intake is an important part of your weight loss efforts. That’s why we developed a unique algorithm to help customize your food choices according to your goal weight and target time frame.

Noom aims to estimate how many calories you need to consume each day to reach your desired outcome. This estimation is known as your calorie budget. This budget helps ensure you meet your food needs while helping you maintain healthy food habits during and after the program. With Noom’s guidance, you get personalized food recommendations so you can make healthier food decisions every day!

Lose Weight

Noom is a great tool for managing and maintaining healthy weight loss habits. It encourages food logging and counting calories, in addition to weekly weigh-ins.

These two self-monitoring behaviours are key elements associated with lasting, weight loss. Food logging helps users make better choices when selecting their meals and snacks, while the weekly weigh-ins can motivate them to continue the healthy diet necessary for success!

With regular use of Noom’s tools, Noom users can confidently work towards their personal fitness goals.

Personal Choice

The proof is in the Pudding

After using Noom for several weeks, I already felt a difference in my sustained weight loss experiment. Noom allowed me to monitor my calorie intake and prioritize eating low-calorie dense foods, as well as avoiding unhealthy options whenever possible.

This app also motivated me to focus on healthier behaviour changes when it came to eating so that I could lose weight, stay fuller longer and become more mindful of the foods I was choosing to consume. Overall, Noom helped me successfully decrease my calorie intake in order to reach my ultimate weight loss goals.

Benefits of Noom

While Noom is a comprehensive tool to help you reach your health goals, it is important to use the app with caution. The app relies on caloric density and portions to track how much you’re eating, but if used excessively and inaccurately, it can lead to food anxiety and eating disorders.

It’s also worth noting that weight loss apps, like Noom, shouldn’t be solely relied upon for achieving results – consistent healthy habits are necessary too. That’s why Noom implements a psychology-based curriculum that takes these habits into mind in order to build self-efficacy, or confidence in one’s ability to achieve their health objectives.

Costs associated with the Noom diet and lifestyle plan.

Noom Food Groups

The Noom App is free to install on your smartphone but, there is a monthly subscription cost for accessing the Noom service. This, currently, starts at $70 per month although the monthly charge reduces if you commit to a longer service period.

Some people will find the Noom cost prohibitive but, as my wife is keen to point out, “What price do you put on health”

The charges available on their website are:

  • Monthly auto-renewing plan $70 US
  • 2-month auto-renewing plan $129 USD
  • 3-month auto-renewing plan $159 USD
  • 4-month auto-renewing plan $169 USD
  • 5-month auto-renewing plan $174 USD
  • 6-month auto-renewing plan $179 USD
  • 7-month auto-renewing plan $184 USD
  • 8-month auto-renewing plan $189 USD
  • 9-month auto-renewing plan $195 USD
  • 10-month auto-renewing plan $199 USD
  • 11-month auto-renewing plan $205 USD
  • Annual auto-renewing plan $209 USD

You can see that if you commit to the annual plan the monthly cost reduces to just over $17 per month. See the Noom cost page for the latest prices.

I, personally, would not use a slimming program. I have been fascinated with the psychological approach taken by Noom for a sustainable weight loss app, so I am writing the Noom diet review to assess the health benefits of Noom this eating plan.

Noom App

The Benefits of Noom Food Groups

Noom, a data-driven health and fitness app, is revolutionizing the way we approach slimming. Rather than merely calorie counting, Noom categorizes foods into green, yellow, or orange (formerly red) based on their nutrient density and low-calorie content.

It then recommends that you aim to eat a set percentage of each colour in order to promote healthy eating habits and sustained weight loss.

Many people have experienced positive results from this system; by switching to a diet designed with Noom’s colour-coding system, many users have consistently lost weight and adopted better nutrition plans for sustained well-being.


  • Fruits: Apples, watermelon, blueberries, bananas, strawberries.
  • Vegetables: Cucumbers, Salad Greens, Tomatoes, carrots, onion and spinach.
  • Starchy Vegetables: Sweet Potatoes, Squash, Beetroot and parsnips.
  • Dairy: Skimmed Milk, non-fat yoghurt and non-fat Greek yoghurt
  • Dairy Alternatives: Unsweetened Almond, cashew or soy milk.
  • Whole Grains: Oatmeal, Brown Rice, Whole Grain Bread, Whole Grain Pita, Whole Grain Pasta, Whole Grain Tortilla and Whole Grain Cereals.
  • Condiments: Marinara, Salsa, Sauerkraut, Ketchup and Light Mayonaise.
  • Beverages: Unsweetened Tea and Coffee.


  • Lean meats: lean cuts of beef, pork, and lamb, grilled chicken and turkey
  • Seafood: salmon, tuna, tilapia, scallops
  • Dairy: Greek yogurt, low-fat milk, low-fat cheeses, low fat-cottage cheese
  • Legumes and seeds: peas, chickpeas, black beans, soybeans, lentils, pinto beans, quinoa
  • Grains and grain products: white rice, white bread, white pasta, couscous
  • Beverages: beer, diet soda


  • Meats: ham, red meats, fried meats, bacon, sausage, hamburgers, hot dogs
  • Nuts and nut butters: peanut butter, almond butter, walnuts, almonds
  • Desserts and sweets: cake, pastries, chocolate, cookies, candy
  • Snack foods: potato chips, french fries, energy and snack bars
  • Condiments and toppings: ranch dressing, butter, mayonnaise
  • Beverages: wine, fruit juices

Because Noom doesn’t ban any individual food group, all food groups are available but green foods are almost certainly preferable. Preferable is not essential, so you do not have to restrict your diet to green foods alone.

The Benefits of Noom: Food Tracking

It is important to remember that not all foods may fit neatly within the food categories laid out above. There is a myriad of dishes, particularly those from various world cuisines, that don’t always fit the traditional definitions of what might make up a main course, side dish, dessert, or snack.

When logging sweet potatoes in my nutrition journal, I was surprised to find that the same food could be classified in different colours. Grilled, boiled, and wedged preparations were rated green, while mashed, baked fries and roasted sweet potatoes were categorized as yellow. It reminded me of how vegetables can be cooked in various ways to offer a range of flavours, even if the calorie count differs significantly.

Additionally, it serves as an important reminder to read nutrition labels closely when making food choices in order to achieve our health goals.

No Food is Off-Limits: The Benefits of Noom

Popular diets such as Weight Watchers often involve restrictive eating, cutting out entire food groups or even certain foods. Unfortunately, this type of dieting can lead to obsessive and potentially disordered eating, which is why many are considering alternatives. Noom is an example of a weight-loss program that rejects restrictive approaches in favour of a flexible style that promotes balance.

Noom encourages users to eat all types of food – in moderation – while still being mindful of their goals. When combined with regular exercise, this tailored and personalized weight loss program offers autonomy and motivation; it is easy to see why it has become so popular among those looking for sustainable slimming options.

High Speed Coach


For a healthier life, fewer calories should be consumed while still ensuring the diet is nutrient-rich. When it comes to snacking, Noom recognizes that eliminating desserts and other treats entirely may not be realistic or beneficial.

Instead of forbidding these items, they suggest consuming fewer of them to improve health without needing to completely ban them – nuts, for example, are calorie-dense yet full of important vitamins and minerals. Eating fewer desserts can lead to greater improvements in overall health without feeling deprived or restricted.

Behavioural Change

Eating healthy nutrients is an important part of weight management, but it alone isn’t enough to achieve healthy, sustainable results. People who want to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle need to approach their goals holistically and focus on forming new healthy habits and breaking unhealthy patterns.

Otherwise, individuals often find that the weight they have lost is regained over time with a reduced calorie diet – or worse, even more, is gained than what was initially lost. Therefore, creating healthier life changes is key for healthy and long-term success in managing your weight.

Despite people’s best intentions, it doesn’t always seem possible to permanently keep off the pounds people lose. In fact, a recent review of 29 long-term weight loss studies revealed that people gained back around 33% of their initial weight loss after one year and an astonishing 79% after five years.


This is why so many people lose weight and can’t keep it off.. Noom uses a psychology-based curriculum that focuses on self-efficacy — the belief in one’s own ability to stick with habits that will help people reach their goals — as opposed to solely relying on counting calories or other traditional methods of eating and exercising less. By providing education and support, Noom equips people with the tools necessary for sustained success.

Having tremendous willpower to stay on track with weight loss and healthy eating goals is a truly admirable quality, but sometimes gaining weight can still happen.

If you’ve been consuming more calories than usual, it’s important to make an effort to compensate for additional weight gain by increasing your physical activity.

While there are other potential causes of gaining weight, increasing physical activity and addressing any changes in your diet can be beneficial in attempting to minimize further weight gain.

The Noom categories of green foods, yellow foods and orange foods, formerly red foods make the system easy to understand and simple to follow.

Fitness Curriculum

The Benefits of Noom System Interaction

Noom is a revolutionary diet program that offers support, no matter where you are in your slimming journey. With their unique health coaching system, you can have access to a virtual support team that provides personalized advice and helps to set realistic goals no matter what your Noom cost may be.

Knowing that this support team is available through the messaging system within the Noom app gives users tremendous peace of mind.

This structure of accountability has been proven to help individuals not only reach their slimming goals, but also with stress management, as well as long-term lifestyle changes for those struggling with an eating disorder or other related health issues.


Depending on your personal preferences, you may prefer to have face-to-face coaching sessions rather than virtual ones when it comes to the Noom diet plan. However, if no communication is maintained between yourself and the health coaches, then no optimal benefits of Noom slimming will be visible.

Two research studies in prediabetics showed that communication with Benefits of Noom’s coaches and relevant educational articles were two key components of successfully losing weight after six and 16 months. It must be noted that both pieces of research were funded internally by the company itself.

Weight Loss Tips: The Benefits of Noom

When it comes to losing weight, the key is to find a balanced diet and lifestyle that works for you. The Benefits of Noom can help you do just that by providing you with personalized health solutions. This can range from tips on healthier eating choices to food tracking and goal setting.

By using the app, you can easily monitor your progress while staying mindful of what and how much you eat.

Additionally, discovering your health status and blood sugar levels can give you an even better handle on the Noom program. Ultimately, when used effectively, this app will provide the best results for your slimming experience.

Self Confidence

Further Health Considerations

Noom is a great and unique tool for healthy eating. It helps users develop healthy relationships with food while managing their calorie goals.

What sets it apart from other similar apps is its access to the benefits of Noom Coaches who are certified health professionals and are available to give personalised advice.

These coaches can help keep users motivated, but they cannot replace the advice from a registered dietician or doctor, as they don’t provide medical diagnosis or supervision.

Noom’s easy-to-follow menu plans and healthy food options mean that users can get the most out of the program and start making healthier decisions about what foods to eat and when.


At Noom, eating disorder specialists are readily available to help with any weight-related eating concerns. Coaches provide guidance and support to their clients by tracking diet and fitness while simultaneously verifying the caloric density of certain food items.

To ensure the best care possible, the Benefits of Noom coaches are required to have either a bachelor’s degree or an associate degree accompanied by experience in the wellness field for at least 2,000 hours.

Furthermore, these coaches have taken training courses through the company as well as have gone through the National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coaching test in order to serve customers properly.

Despite Noom’s competent coaching staff, it is still important for individuals with underlying conditions such as type 2 diabetes or kidney disease to speak with qualified medical professionals before embarking on changes in eating behaviour.

The Long-Term Outlook

Weight loss is a complex process and often how much weight you do or don’t lose is heavily influenced by how you relate to food. When you choose to follow a slimming program such as Noom that focuses on restructuring your lifestyle, you need to accept it as the most effective way to start making healthy changes in your relationship with food.

The first step in this journey should be cutting out or minimizing processed foods from your diet, as well as avoiding binge eating disorder. Making these necessary changes can help pave the way for deep-rooted positive change that will set you up for success on the scale while taking care of your mental health too.

Simply reducing the number of red foods you eat can have a significantly positive effect on your digestive system.

Cool Drink of Water


Water intake is essential for proper digestion. While many of our foods, such as watermelon and cucumbers, contain water, water from the tap is different. It does not have additional ingredients in it that can, potentially, be detrimental to our health or digestive systems.

And not just that, water from the tap can help improve your digestion by aiding the body’s ability to break down food in order for nutrients to be absorbed more efficiently. So next time you feel like something isn’t quite right, reach for a glass of water from the tap instead of sugary juices or other unhealthy drinks, it really can make a difference!

Be Committed

The Benefits of Noom is a program that provides an effective approach to long-term weight loss through both knowledge and commitment. Instead of excluding foods or encouraging eating windows, the focus is placed on eating foods with whole grains and having a healthy relationship with them.

The program encourages participants to assess the types of foods they typically eat, eating most calorie-dense foods in smaller portions, and setting an achievable calorie goal based on their eating habits.

t emphasizes learning new habits around eating, providing support along the way, to help you make lasting lifestyle changes that will lead to lasting weight loss.

The Takeaway

Eating well has proven to be a much more beneficial approach to slimming than the common misconception of “eating less to lose more.”

Substituting your current diet with healthier alternatives and exercising are fundamental steps in creating a healthier lifestyle. Forget about quick fixes such as crash diets and diet supplements, these can actually be detrimental to one’s health.

Being mindful of your eating habits and making small, incremental changes towards a healthy lifestyle are what can truly bring about successful weight loss.

Pay attention to reducing refined carbohydrates and processed food, maintaining portion control, being informed about nutritionally balanced meal plans, and balancing out calorie intake — these are all key elements in achieving healthy weight loss for lasting results.


Having a strong self-belief is one of the most important building blocks for establishing a healthier life for yourself. While it’s tempting to follow the opinions of those around you, it’s important to remember that nobody knows what is best for you better than yourself.

Trust yourself and have faith that the benefits of Noom, you make will ultimately be right for your health and well-being.

Taking control of your life is a hard but necessary step in leading a healthier life, one that requires dedication and commitment over time to ensure long-term success.

Believing in yourself will help power you through challenging moments as you strive towards your goals. Have confidence in your ideas and trust your own judgement, it will pay off in the end!

Embrace your Diet: The Benefits of Noom

Eating is known to be a pleasurable experience, and many people love the idea of eating all their favourite dishes with reckless abandon.

However, when our diets call for us to change our eating patterns and consume foodstuffs that we are not naturally inclined to do, it can sometimes feel like a chore.

I have found, however, that if you gather enough knowledge on what each food can provide for your health and wellness, you will soon come to appreciate the fact that all this new food is beneficial for different purposes.

Once you understand what your body needs in order to stay healthy and balanced, the concept of eating whatever it takes becomes far more trouble-free.

The New You

It is a wonderful feeling to have accomplished your goals when it comes to reaching your desired weight and honing your body. The gym visits, rigorous exercises and changes to your diet were most likely difficult, but the effort was worth it.

Now that you have made it, take the time to truly appreciate your success and the new life you will be living.

This healthier, active lifestyle has given you more energy and a strong sense of well-being. As with all successes in life, enjoy this moment for what it is, something hard-earned and deeply satisfying, before embarking on the next journey.

A healthy lifestyle is not a journey with an end. A diet is not a single event. Achieving good health is always the aim and something would will continue to strive for all of your life.

Achieving good health is a long-term commitment, not something that can be accomplished in one day or through one event.

While you may see improvements in overall health quickly if you maintain a healthier life, no matter how well you eat or how often you exercise there are always changes that can be made and progress to be made.

It’s important to remember that the benefits of Noom’s journey of a healthy life is never-ending, with each milestone only leading you closer to optimal physical and mental well-being. Making small yet sustainable changes on a regular basis is the key to maintaining lasting health and wellness throughout your lifetime.


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